Award-Winning/Summer planning

Happy summer to all my fellow teachers out there! Before I start planning the work I’ll be doing, I wanted to share a special announcement!  During our week long professional development, I was awarded “The Most Innovative” teacher award!  It was such an honor to be recognized for all the hard PBS work I’ve done over the past school year.  This  was also SUCH a POSITIVE way to end the school year!!!!

Even though I decided to take the summer off, I’m still working (about to start working) on PBS related things.  My dream of sitting in a coffee shop for hours starting to plan and design should take place sometime next week.  Here is a preview of the works in the making:

  • Creating matrix for Beginning of year stations
  • Lesson plan template to School Collective
  • Calendar of events for 2012-2013 (draft)
  • Ticket and Incentive Systems- Staples/Business cards Navy and Gold
  • Set a goal for positive comments
  • Menu system for students
  • Teacher expectations and Station Rotation
  • School-wide awards for the week- Lunch, Cleanest Classroom, EXP Arts, etc

I look forward to sharing all of this with you upon completion. Positive and productive wishes to all!