Cause it’s the little things…

Hang on…Hang on.  Cause it’s the little things, yeah – it’s the little things, that do us harm. -Dr. Dog (one of my favorite bands ever)

It is the little things.  Yes it’s the little remarks and foul mouths, it’s the little negative attitudes, hissy fits and tantrums.  It is the little meetings, little lunches and little cries.  All of these little things…adding up to create “just one of those days”.  But please, hang on.  Hang on, everyone!  


Because those other little things like a thank you, a smile and a hug…the little “i’m sorrys” from one student to another, the little “I got your backs” and “ah ha” are moments that are SO necessary for success.  We can’t give up or say we’ve had it.  We are IT – that’s all and if we give in to these negative little things and forget all the positive little things, well then…what?

1e25a5dbb3810510dd9ef4df88c5facbbecause you are it.