New Year & Reset

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to make a complete update to my behavioral world so here is a mini one to keep you interested!

Penny wars was a HUGE success!  We were able to raise $650 in a 2-week period…we collected over 37,000 PENNIES…amazing.  Thank goodness for TD Bank’s Penny Arcade is all I have to say!  Since it was a competition between homerooms, all students will be receiving their incentive this week (who doesn’t love pizza and ice cream!)

penny wars flyer

January has come with a complete reset plan for our company.  It is a time to reflect on practices and reset to ensure that everyone understands.  We did it at the corporate level, school level and now classroom.  I’ve seen a BIG impact in the overall compliance in my classroom and it started with this reset.

On Saturday, our core SWPBIS team went to a PaTTAN training.  With all the hard work we’ve put in this year, much of the training was review but we were able to see data from staff surveys.  From there we created our action plan for better implementation.  It was a great feeling when the presenters from PaTTAN recognized me from the videos on our website!

Tomorrow we will be having our first assembly of the new year, “Positivity Promotes Peace” celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s real birthday and all the successes we’ve had in the past few months!  We will have student performances on drums, we will showcase our award-winning basketball team and kickoff our PSSA countdown in style.

Positivity Promotes Peace

I will be back to update more as time goes on and give some tips for starting SWPBIS and what i’ve learned from this time last year! Hope you are having a wonderful New Year