PBS Conference Workshops

DAY 1: Workshop Name: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Providing a Continuum of Supports for All Learners
Date(s): 5/23/2012
Scheduled Time: 8:30AM-5:50PM

Workshop Name: 1.  Implementing 3-Tier Models for Supporting Children’s Behavior:  A Seamless System
Date(s): 5/23/2012
Scheduled Time: 8:30AM-10:00AM

Workshop Name: 4.  Family and Community Involvement in District-Wide Implementation of SWPBIS: A Panel Discussion
Date(s): 5/23/2012
Scheduled Time: 10:25AM-11:55AM

Workshop Name: 9.  Keynote:  Practical Classroom Strategies at the Targeted Group and Intensive Need Levels
Date(s): 5/23/2012
Scheduled Time: 12:45PM-2:15PM

Workshop Name: 10.  Practice Based Coaching: Supporting Teachers to Implement Effective Practices with Fidelity
Date(s): 5/23/2012
Scheduled Time: 2:40PM-5:50PM

Workshop Name: Implementers´ Reception & Poster Session
Date(s): 5/23/2012
Scheduled Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM

DAY 2: Workshop Name: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Successful Strategies and Practices
Date(s): 5/24/2012
Scheduled Time: 8:30AM-3:25PM

Workshop Name: 21. Building Tier 2/3 Capacity for PBIS
Date(s): 5/24/2012
Scheduled Time: 8:30AM-10:00AM

Workshop Name: 24.  SWPBIS Coaching: More than Reminders
Date(s): 5/24/2012
Scheduled Time: 10:25AM-11:55AM

Workshop Name: 30.  Wow! Watching Outstanding Warriors Succeed within a PBIS Framework
Date(s): 5/24/2012
Scheduled Time: 1:00PM-2:30PM

Workshop Name: 36.  Keynote:  PBIS Implementation: Current Trends and Future Considerations
Date(s): 5/24/2012
Scheduled Time: 2:55PM-3:25PM


PBS Conference Time!

So I got some pretty good news this week! 🙂 My company is going to pay for me to go to a PBS Conference!  It is a PaTTAN Conference:

“The Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support (PAPBS) Network Implementers´ Forum “Going to Scale: 3 Tiered Logic” is sponsored by the Bureau of Special Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education, with support from the member agencies of Pennsylvania’s State Leadership Team (SLT) for School Based Behavioral Health (SBBH). The forum is designed as a venue for stakeholders who are interested in advancing supports for all students, including students with disabilities, in the implementation of school or program-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). The forum serves as a means to provide participants with information about establishing, maintaining and expanding PBIS through a three-tiered decision making framework that guides the selection, integration and implementation of evidence-based practices for improving behavior outcomes for learners.

The Implementers’ Forum addresses five specialized program strands at the early childhood, elementary, middle and high school levels:

  • Universal Supports for Students (Tier 1)
  • Secondary Supports and Interventions (Tier 2)
  • Tertiary Supports and Interventions (Tier 3)
  • Community and Family Partnerships
  • Coaching

It is happening this week in Hershey, PA – I’ll miss 2 days of school, one of our incentive days…but I’m super pumped.  I’ll update all the amazing stuff I learn!  Wish me luck.

Also, here is the link to watch our PBS Expectations Video! 


annndddd we’re off! PBS C.A.R.E.S. Kickoff Celebration!

Hello Education World! Just a quick update about our School-wide PBS!  We had our kick off celebration today where students learned about our POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT plan and incentive program!  See the Prezi students followed (Vare C.A.R.E.S Prezi -just click the play button) which shows all our school-wide expectations!  In addition, students watched a Behavioral Expectations video (starring our students, of course) that showed students how to follow our new behavioral expectations.  Our PBS team did a great job presenting about each area (cafeteria, hallway, stairway, office, bathroom & classroom).

Students really enjoyed the presentation which also included a clip from The Electric Company starring Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman about “Honest John” so we could have a discussion about honesty – which tied all of our expectations together.  It was an awesome feeling to see all the positivity today and hopefully this school wide program will help our students become the best they can be!