PBS at the Corporate Level

So now PBS is really taking off!!!  After attending the AMAZING PBIS Conference in Hershey, I then met with fellow schools to discuss implementation of PBS.  My school definitely has the most positive behavior supports happening right now…and together with this new PBS team with reps from all the other schools, we will create guidelines for implantation at the district and school-wide level.  My hope is that we are still able to be flexible at our schools and that together we can share data and ideas.

Oh and BTW our PBS Kickball School-wide incentive was a big success! Students and teachers LOVED it and really enjoyed the special time together.  Our next incentive is Monday, students and teachers will be having a picnic in the park across the street with an extra 1/2 hr of recess!  Here is our June newsletter with information on summer programs for students and adults!

School will be out this time next week so I hope to add lots of PBS info this summer! Thanks for reading, enjoy!

PBS Newsletter 3